The problem: managing patients and their equipment in an easy, safe and efficient manner.

Current methods of intra-hospital transportation require cumbersome handling and control of patient beds and mobile IV stands during the transport process. It’s during these transports that patient care can be compromised.

  • In the U.S. there are approximately 100,000 ICU beds¹
  • Patients are transported within the hospital at least 40,000 times²
  • According the Critical Care Medicine, the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is attributed to medical errors, mistakes or accidents³
  • Patient handling and the management of their equipment is a contributor to this problem

Ironically, critically ill patients are the most vulnerable during transport within the hospital.

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The solution–Streamline™

Introducing the Medovex Streamline IV Suspension System, or ISS. The ISS is a unique and effective solution available for managing cumbersome IV poles with mounted IV infusion pumps or other equipment at the bedside and during intra-hospital transports. The Medovex, Streamline ISS provides an easy, safe and effective technology platform that mounts the ISS to any bed or stretcher in the hospital or other care facility.

New efficiencies will benefit patients by reducing:

  • The risk and associated costs of workplace injuries
  • The time for transferring patients and equipment

In seconds the IV Suspension System can go from an infusion stand to a suspended, securely locked part of any bed or stretcher.

Medovex, Streamline with ISS technology serves a growing need for safety and efficiency for both patients and caregivers in the hospital setting. The product provides caregivers with an efficient means of handling the growing amount of patient equipment that remains with patients as they move about a hospital.

Medovex, Streamline is focused on unlocking new value within the current space. Everyone benefits when caregivers are equipped to do more with limited time and personnel. The Streamline ISS provides value by enhancing efficiencies while facilitating a safe environment for both the caregiver and the patient. Now as a part of the Medovex team, we expect to deliver innovative equipment management solutions to hospitals in a way that actually saves them money.

Easy operation

The ISS can be easily attached or detach for any bed on demand by depressing a single foot pedal that automatically lifts the supporting wheels off the floor while the ISS pole and bed mounting bracket secures the ISS and the patient’s IV infusion pumps or other equipment to the bed. The patient can then be transported to their destination in the hospital. Once the patient returns to their room, the care giver can again redeploy the wheels of the ISS to the floor while the system remains attached to the bed and the system can then remain attached or detached from the bed to provide the nursing staff with an optimal environment for nursing care of the patient.

Safe for patients and caregivers

The Medovex, Streamline ISS is the solution for safe and efficient intra-hospital transport. Streamline developed the IV Suspension System (ISS™), a patient equipment management device that makes the management of patients and their equipment easy, safe and efficient within hospitals by combining the advantages of both a stand-alone and bed-mounted IV pole in one system. The technology is patent protected, already manufactured and extensively tested.

Efficient and cost effective

Intra-hospital transport of a patient usually requires several hospital staff members including critical care nurses and patient transport personnel, and often require four or more staff members at a time, which places a serious strain on an already work challenged staff compounded by staff and nursing shortages. The Medovex, Streamline ISS can reduce the number of staff members needed for a patient transport. According to Nursing Economics, the average cost for one staff member to transport a patient in an average hospital of 275 beds is $31.71.¹ With 40,000 transports annually in the average hospital in the U.S., the savings are highly significant when you consider that the Medovex, Streamline ISS can reduce the number of staff members needed for a patient transport.²

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Medovex, Streamline ISS is now available for sale in the U.S.